NewJeans Haerin Hair Colour: Black Hair vs Brown Hair

Netizens Discuss Two Different Vibes Given By Haerin NewJeans With Brown and Black Hair

Netizens talk about NewJeans member Haerin's hairstyle.

On the online community forum, netizens discuss the two different hair colors of Haerin NewJeans.

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On the one hand, Haerin's blonde hair seems to give off a "princess" impression, while her black hair makes her face "stand out", according to comments.

Haerin's hairstyle seems to be a special highlight during Attention promotions.

Netizens have also talked about how her hair color changes her overall aura, with lighter hair making her look more angelic and darker hair making her appear more charismatic.

Some netizen reactions include:

1. I'm really a fan of black hair but for Haerin, it's brown hair

2. Brown hair

3. Yes, definitely brown hair!

4. Hul, she really fits into a black cat

5. I like her the most with brown which is closest to orange

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6. The best thing about his hair in Hype Boy is that it's brown

7. Definitely Black Hair

8. Black no matter what

9. Black hair… As soon as I saw her wearing brown, I thought her skin tone had washed off. It looks like his facial features are floating all over the place

10. I used to think she was pretty when she had brown hair, but now that I see her with black hair, her black hair feels like a wall



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