Wallpaper Haerin New Jeans Graduation Photo

On July 23, member Haerin, who was born in 2006, caught the attention of netizens with her elementary school graduation photo. In the revealed picture, Haerin looks adorable and just like her now.

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Netizens commented: "He looks like STAYC's Sumin."

"No surgery can recreate her facial features. She is so beautiful."

"I...I got my first job in 2017 lol, I'm going to be his aunt"

"Natural beauty... a truly rare gem"

"I see Gong Seung Yeon in him lol"

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"I think everyone looks awkward in elementary school lol If she was this beautiful she would be absolutely stunning from now on"

"Why do I see Kang Dong Won in him?"

"Haerin, unnie loves you"

"Where did Min Hee Jin find him?"