New Korean Dramas 2023: Here Is The List Of The 7 Best

Korean drama lovers can't wait to watch new Korean dramas 2023. The best 2023 series of Korean dramas starring Korean actors and Korean actresses such as Park Seo Joon and Im Yoona Girls Generation. Apart from that, the Korean drama storyline in 2023 is very interesting and must be watched. Here are the best Korean dramas to look forward to in 2023.

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List of Korean Dramas 2023

1. Goodbye Earth

Goodbye Earth is a 2023 Korean drama that airs on Netflix. The Korean drama Goodbye Earth tells about the lives of people nearing the apocalypse, which according to experts, there are only 200 days left until a large asteroid hits Earth. The Korean drama cast Goodbye Earth is Ahn Eun Jin and several other well-known actors.

2. Queen Maker

Queen Maker is a Korean drama that tells about the life of a genius graphic designer who suddenly switches professions to become a politician. The Queen Maker actor is Kim Hee Ae who starred in the legendary Korean drama The World of the Married. You can watch the Korean drama Queen Maker on Netflix in 2023.

3. Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature is a Korean drama that takes a background in 1945. The cast of the Korean drama Gyeongseong Creature are Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee. This Korean drama tells about the fight against monsters born through human greed. You must watch Korean dramas in 2023 with this action genre.

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4. Lover

Lover is a Korean drama that tells the story of a man who failed to marry twice, but it turns out that he is taking the background of the Joseon Dynasty. The name of the actor in the Korean drama Lover is Nam Goong Min. The best Korean drama genre for 2023 is a romantic Korean drama that is most often the subject of discussion by netizens on social media.

5. Death's Game

Death's Game is a 2023 Korean drama adapted from the popular webtoon titled Death's Game. This 2023 Korean drama tells of a man named Choi Yi Jae who is desperate because he failed to get a job and his idol. Once upon a time he got an offer to start his new life. However, Yi Jae unfortunately has to go through death first. The Korean drama actor Death's Game is Kang Ha Neul.

6. King the Land

King the Land is a Korean drama that tells about a chaebol who doesn't like people who fake smiles. However, unfortunately he has to deal with Chun Sa Rang, a woman who is always required to smile even though she doesn't want to. The Korean drama airing in 2023 stars actors Lee Jun Ho and Yoona, members of Girl's Generation.

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7. One Shot Scandal

One Shot Scandal is a 2023 Korean drama that tells of a shop owner who will take an entrance exam to hell. The name of the Korean drama One Shot Scandal is Jeon Do Yeon. This Korean drama is a line-up of Korean dramas broadcast in 2023 produced by TVN. Let's wait for the continuation in 2023.

That's a list of new Korean dramas in 2023 that you must watch. See you later!

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