What is “Operation Qinglang”?

Operation Qinglang is limiting irrational actions to support the artist such as procuring a large project that costs a lot of money is unreasonable. Then removing celebrity ratings which could potentially lead to war between fans and limiting the purchase of albums in an unreasonable amount such as 'Bulk Buying'. The Chinese government only allows the activities of officially registered fans and does not do any harm.

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China's 'Qinglang' Policy, Will it Have a Big Impact on K-Pop Fan Productivity?

With this policy, isn't it difficult for K-Pop fans to show their dedication to idols with big projects? As we know, Chinese fans are the most generous when it comes to idol projects and don't hesitate to spend fantastic money on their idol stars. They were even able to buy albums for one person totaling 1000 copies.

Do you think this policy will have a big impact on the activities of K-Pop fans considering the high level of royalty of Chinese fans?

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In my opinion, it has a lot of impact. Chinese fans are called "rich club" by other fans not without reason. Big idol projects from any group must always be initiated by Chinese fans. They are willing to spend a large budget for their idol project.

Imagine the population of China is 1.4 billion, each big group has 5% loyal fans from the entire population above, which can produce many fantastic projects for their idols.

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