How to Buy Album from KTOWN4U

Hello, my beloved Kpop Squad Media friends, I hope you are always healthy and don't forget to read other information on how to buy album kpop at! This time we will discuss about how to buy album from KTOWN4U, how to buy album from weverse, how to buy album on syannara, how to buy album from korea, how to buy kpop albums, how to buy kpop albums directly from korea, how to buy kpop albums at ktown4u, how to buy bts albums, how to buy albums at korean sellers, how to buy albums at fansite, how to buy korean albums, how to buy bts official albums, how to buy albums at sm store, how to get discount on ktown4u albums, how to buy albums from korea, how to join kpop albums, how to register for ktown4u, how to create a ktown4u account. What is KTOWN4U? KTOWN4U is a website that sells the best and most popular K-pop albums worldwide. For a more complete tutorial on how to buy albums at KTOWN4U directly from Korea below.


1. Visit the website

2. Click the Join Us menu in the upper right corner.

3. You will be immediately redirected to a page containing an identity form. Fill in all the data correctly, then check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy boxes, then click Create an account.

4. Open the email you registered, look for the latest messages from Ktown4u. Click the E-mail Confirmation link or button.

5. Account has been successfully created, now you can login using your email and password.


1. Visit the website

2. Login to your account using your email and password.

3. On the Ktown4u main page, type the album name in the top search field.

4. After finding the product you are looking for, click on the album, information will appear such as album name, price, release date, number of albums sold and product description.

5. Determine how many albums you want to buy, you will see the total payment in USD, after you are sure of your choice, just click the Cart button.

6. A pop up notification will appear containing confirmation that the album has entered your shopping cart. If you want to pay directly, then click Cart. If you still want to find more, click Shopping.

7. You will be immediately redirected to the Cart page which shows the product you ordered earlier. If there are no further changes, just click the Proceed to checkout button.

8. Next you will be asked to fill in the Shipping Address information for product delivery. Fill in all the fields correctly and carefully, then click Continue.

9. After that you are asked to choose a shipping method. There are 2 methods you can choose, namely EMS and Express. EMS shipping takes 3-7 days at a lower cost than Express with an estimated delivery time of 2-5 days.

10. After selecting the shipping method, the shipping cost will be added to the price of the product purchased. Then click the Continue button to continue.

11. Turning to the checkput page, you can enter the coupon code if you have one. Check the Terms Of Service box before making a payment.

12. The payment method can only be via Paypal, then press Pay and complete the payment process on Paypal.

13. Payment was successful, you just have to wait until the product arrives at your house.

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