Individual Idol Brand Reputation Ranking 2019/2020

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TOP Female Idol with the Highest Reputation Points Index 2019

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The Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has re-released the total list of female idols by winning the best brand in 2019. With a survey of 455 female idols from many girl bands in January to December, the TOP 10 Idol has collected the best brand reputation. TOP 3 won by Jennie BlackPink, Hwasa Mamamoo and Jisoo BlackPink.

Jennie won first place with a total of 30,914,581 million points. Followed by Hwasa 29,018,625 Million points and then Jisoo with 21,825,319.

While the other top 10 were also filled by Irene Red Velvet, Wonyoung Izone, G-Friend Sowon and Sinb. SNSD Taeyeon, Twice Nayeon and Jihyo.

With Jennie and Jisoo in the top 3 positions, BlackPink has been established as a female group with the position and image most favored by popular brands.

Congratulations for the list above.

Source: Brand reputation via snsd0805
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