Jihoon Baby Pictures with Headband in 2020

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Successful Fancon Degree in Seoul, Park Jihoon Nicknamed the Right Idol to Use a Headband.

Park Jihoon recently held his fancon asia tour in Seoul on Saturday and Sunday (21-22 December).

Park Jihoon completed the Fancon Settlement in Seoul. Fancon's success was quite successful because it managed to sell pre-order tickets at the time. Park Jihoon's fans who came to the show up until now are still ringing and unable to move because of their amazing looks and installations.

On the Fancon event he gave a charming appearance. One of the songs he brought was his 360 album sidetrack titled whistle and covered Park Jae-bum's song titled So Good. At the event he wore a headband that made his appearance look stylish and handsome. Handsome face and massive clothes.

Here are some netizen comments on the Pann site:

1. Her eyes are naturally successful and because her eyebrows and hairline are beautiful, the headband looks fresher and plain.
2. The outfit looks good, gives a cool impression.
3. How can the headband look right and perfect. Jihoon's face is really my type.
4. Refreshing the look really suits him.
5. This was taken during a concert ?, Park Ji-hoon is really very handsome.
6. Waaaa looks.
7. Very handsome
8. I become a fan again and again compiling to see the concert, he looks very pure with his headband.
9. I want to go back to that day, the effect of the concert was very strong, the headband concept made me all faint.
10. Please do the concept like this again.

After the success of his Fancon in Seoul-Korea, Park Jihoon will continue his Asian Fancon tour in various regions until his last stop in Indonesia in February.⁣

What do you think? ⁣
[Via pannjihoon; Trans and Rewrite by Panncafe]
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