Beomgyu Wallpaper With Headband in 2020

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Like Anime Characters, Visual Beomgyu TXT When Wearing Headband Is A Hot Topic!

Another member of the TXT boy group is reaping praise thanks to his good looks.

As we have already recognized, Tomorrow X Together or TXT also attended the 34th Golden Disc Awards (GDA) at the first day last Saturday. The rookie group made by Bighit Entertainment managed to bring their hit songs namely "New Rules" and "Run" and they also managed to bring the trophy "Best New Male Artist".

The thing that became the focus of the fans was the visual performance as well as the center of the TXT, Beomgyu compilation using a bandana on the head which flared up. Many fans say that Beomgyu is well suited to use anime characters worthy of a Headband. Not a few who called Beomgyu's appearance at GDA at that time was one of his legendary performances.

Meanwhile TXT will debut in Japan on January 15, 2020 by launching the debut single "Magic Hour".

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