Yuvin MYTEEN Profile and Facts 2019 Produce X 101 as a last chance

Yuvin MYTEEN Talks About Participating in 'Produce X 101' as its Last Chance!

Song Yu Vin from MYTEEN shows how much he has increased since his days on "Superstar K" with his appearance on "Produce X 101".

On the May 3 broadcast of the survival program, Song Yu Vin conducted his first evaluation with fellow MYTEEN members, Kim Kook Heon.

In an interview with the event producer, he stated, "I was lucky to be able to reach the top five on" Superstar K ". I anticipated a lot when I debuted, but after really passing it, it's not easy. to stand on the stage, I thought to myself, "Other people appear on TV and do well, so what do you do?"

He continued, "I don't think I should give up like this, so I considered ['Produce X 101'] as my last chance and decided to appear."

For the evaluation phase, he performed "Spring Day" and performed strong choreography and impressive singing skills.

After he and Kim Kook Heon finished, the other trainees praised them and commented, "That woke me up", "They are really good," and "They must be ranked A."

The coaches agreed. Soyou said, "Because you're from Music Works, I'm really looking forward (your appearance). Thank you for fulfilling my hope".

Both Song Yu Vin and Kim Kook Heon secured A rank, building anticipation for their future path to this program.

And in the first episode, Yuvin got 17th place & Kookheon was ranked 29th.

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