PRODUCE X 101 2019 New Rules the Number of Final Debut Members

Have a different system, the number of members of the debut group PRODUCE X 101 is 11 people.

Mnet PRODUCE X 101 stipulates that the number of members who will debut is 11 not 10 people.

In the first episode of Produce X 101, it was explained that trainees who will enter the debut line up are 11 with a different system than the previous season. Where 10 people with the highest vote ranking in the final episode will enter the line up, while 1 trainee will enter as an 'X' member with a system of accumulated rank values. Trainees who have accumulated a high ranking average from the remaining trainees who did not enter the top 10 will be the last member of the debut team.

This is probably an opportunity and prevents no more trainees from being loved by many people but not on the debut line-up.

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source : mnet official
Trans & Written : Produce X 101 INA
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