[I Wanna Be] Song title Collaboration Key SHINee and Soyeon (G)I-DLE 2019

SHINee's Key Will Release Collaborative Song with Soyeon (G) I-DLE.

One member of SHINee, Key will soon launch his first repackage album on March 4th.

'I Want to Be' is a pop dance and trap and UK type song. Key said, "I want to be with someone I love whenever and wherever". Key will also attract a rapper from girl group (G) I-DLE, Soyeon, who will also participate in rap making which will make the song more interesting.

SHINee's first key album repackege consists of 13 songs, 3 new songs, and 10 songs from the previous release.

Are you waiting for this collaboration?

Written by (G)I-DLE ZONE
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