Bio Profile, Biography and Fact Wu Lanqing Story 3 Minute Interview and 2 Billion Salary by Jack Ma Alibaba

His name is Wu Lanqing. As a child grow like an ordinary child in general. At the age of 15 years he began to have an interest in the world of technology.

Until finally he has the title of his friends as "a genius or a miracle child".

He can spend hours in front of a computer, and learn how to be a hacker.

At the age of 21 he began applying for jobs, in one of the most successful companies in the world, Alibaba.

When asked what his expertise was, he didn't talk much directly in front of the computer then, within 3 minutes all routing equipment of Alibaba was closed and hacked. Since then he has been accepted to work and become an IT person at Alibaba with a salary of 240 million per month.

No matter the business, no matter the salary, Wu Lanqing only focuses on the technology.

Thanks to its genius Alibaba has the strongest security system, Jack Ma can do other work during the day and sleep peacefully at night because, having a trusted and reliable work partner to safeguard Alibaba's security data.

In essence, if you want to succeed, you don't need to talk much. Enough with focus, diligence, and definitely action! Agree?

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