How To Buy Lightstick TREASURE from Weverse Shop

Hello, my beloved Kpop Squad Media friends, I hope you are always healthy and don't forget to read the information about the latest 2021 TREASURE lightstick review on! This time we will discuss about how to buy lightstick treasure from weverse shop, how to buy a TREASURE lightstick at the weverse shop, how to buy a lightstick at the weverse shop, 2021 treasure lightstick, how to buy a TREASURE lightstick directly from Korea, how to buy lightstick direct from korea, official lightstick treasure 2021, new lightstick treasure 13 2021, new lightstick treasure official 2201, new lightstick treasure 2021, lightstick treasure 12 newest 2021, lightstick treasure new concert 2021, original lightstick treasure, fake lightstick treasure. How is the TREASURE lightstick designed? How much does a TREASURE lightstick cost? TREASURE lightstick has a beautiful design. The color of the TREASURE Lightstick is sky blue with a transparent and shimmering head, looking like a diamond out of a treasure box. Meanwhile, TREASURE's lightstick features such as ASMR which was recorded personally by members, can respond to sound sources and flashing lights following the song, until they are made in the same color as TREASURE members' microphones. TREASURE lightstick pre-order has been opened at Weverse Shop with a TREASURE lightstick price range of $34,57 or 37.000 won. For more details, see the 2021 TREASURE lightstick review and how to buy a treasure lightstick at the weverse shop below.

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1. Open the Google Play Store, search for the Weverse Shop app.

2. Download and install the Weverse Shop application.

3. Open the Weverse Shop app.

4. On the information "APP permissions" directly press "I Agree Lets Starter".

5. Wait until the Getting Starter menu appears, select English, then press Next.

6. Select the artist you want to buy the lightstick from from the Select Artist and Shop menu, then select the Global option, click Next.

7. On the Select Weverse Shop Currency menu, select the desired currency, the options are Dollar, Won and Yen. Select US Dollars, click Next.

8. Next select MY Menu in the bottom menu.

9. The words "Welcome to Weverse Shop" will appear. Choose a list via Twitter or Google. Choose Google to make it easier.

10. Your Google account will appear, fill in the password if it is not related to HP.

11. Agree to “Terms and Conditions”, then click Done.

Get TREASURE Lightstick Notifications on your phone (CLICK THE STAR BUTTON HERE).


1. Select the LIGHTSTICK or MERCH category.

2. Then select the lightstick you want to buy.

3. Determine the number of lightsticks to be purchased.

4. Read the information about the lightstick that will be selected, such as the version of the lightstick and the contents of the lightstick package.

5. Click Buy Now.

6. Enter buyer information such as full name, email, phone number, shipping address, and payment method.

7. Click agree to the terms and conditions, then click Pay for the total amount purchased.

8. Complete the payment, wait for the order details of the lightstick and the lightstick will be sent to the buyer's address immediately.

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