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Through the Pann website, netizens open discussion topics about idol hairstyles that vary from debut to present.

Chaeyoung TWICE compiles hairstyles from era to era. From the simple style of his black hair when he joined the survival event "Sixteen" when he was 17 years old, to the short pink haircut when TWICE comeback with "Fancy".

Chaeyoung herself is an idol who often changes her hairdo, and feels how her hair is cut in various styles, as well as coloring her hair with a variety of colors.

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The fans also have various reactions about Chaeyoung's hair style, as follows:

1. He is so legendary with black hair. In my opinion, her aura looks best when she has black and wavy hair ㅠㅠ she's like having a deep sexy aura
2. I'm Blink, but I think Chaeyoungie is the most beautiful in TWICE ... she's successful with all her hairstyles
3. She fits her hair best in "What is Love"

What do you think?

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