Police to Investigate Idol School Vote Manipulation

Idol School Vote Manipulation Investigation. The police have now included the 'Idol School' program on their investigation list.

Police expand this It is estimated that it has begun to discuss the Mnet survival program, which consists of 'Produce X101', 'Produce 48', and 'Produce 101' seasons 1 and 2.

Now on Monday Monday (09/12), Lee Yong Pyo as Seoul Police Chief said, "We continue to conduct investigations and analyze the data that we have previously collected."

Regarding discussing the 'Idol School' program, he stated, "We will also ask for help from executives also involved in the 'Idol School' program."

'Idol School' is one of the survival programs on Mnet, which successfully debuted from the girl group fromis_9.

The police had previously issued this report to the prosecutor, after finding evidence of electoral manipulation in the 'Produce' program and also the bribery case against PD Ahn Joon Young. 

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