5 Type New Hairstyle Style Hair Pins Jennie BLACKPINK 2019

Yes, hair pin is back on trend! From runway to the stage! This one hair accessory also turns out to be a complement to the beauty and stage style of Jennie BLACKPINK. This BLACKPINK personnel is often seen using hair pins on several occasions, including when he promoted his song titled Solo. Let's see how Jennie BLACKPINK looks so beautiful and fresh with the addition of hair pins on the following occasions:


Hair pin accessories are identical to the straight and elongated shape. But there's nothing wrong for you to try using a hair pin with a touch of diamond in it. Hair pins with a model like this are ready to transform your hair style to become more glamorous effortless. You can imitate this one Jennie hairstyle that is straightened so that it shows the side stand out of the hair pin.


For those of you lovers of feminine style, a ribbon pin can be the best option for you. The shape of the ribbon used is able to strengthen the lovely impression. To make it look more perfect you can arrange your hair with a curly effect on the bottom like Jennie. Ready to try it, girls?


YesYes! No need to hesitate using hair pins on both sides of your hair, girls! You can still use it without fear, it looks too much. The technique, you just need to give a distance to each hair pin that you use in your hair as Jennie BLACKPINK did. This method provides a little space and keeps your hairstyle looking beautiful and sweet at the same time. Adore it!


It's not complete if you don't embed a hair pin with a row of fun colors in your hair like the following Jennie. You can use a hair pin with bright colors like pink, red, blue and yellow to bring a youthful and fun impression. These rows of brightly colored pins are very well used when hanging out with your best friend at the weekend.


Last but not least, the next Jennie hair pin style that you can try is to use a simple hair pin. You just slip this hair pin on one side of your hair 3-4 pieces. Even though it's simple, using a lot of hair pins like this can make you look trendy. Time to invest with hair pin, girls!

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