Jimin BTS name engraved on Hollywood Walk of Fame!

On September 5, "hardcore" fans from the BTS boyband group, named Mighty J, uploaded pictures of Jimin's name pinned on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When asked about the authenticity of the picture, Mighty J said he had paid $ 30,000 just to put Jimin and he went to Hollywood to do that for his idol.

This master fanite is also a fan who is very popular in the ARMY community in Korea so that what he shares is all reliable by ARMY. Millions of fans around the world were surprised by ARMY's dedication to BTS.

As is well known, The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a 15-block sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States featuring more than 2,400 terrace ceramics with star images and the names of artists and fictional characters for achievements in the industry. entertainment. This place displays the names of actors, musicians, directors, producers including Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, The Rock, and others.

It is known that fans can pay to carve their idol names on the spot, but written names must meet certain rules set by Hollywood, including being active for at least 5 years in the entertainment industry, and Jimin really meets this standard.

Wow, what do you think?

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