Untouchable’s Sleepy Talking About His Relationship With BTS Members

Untouchable's Sleepy in the interview, revealed his relationship with BTS’ members Rap Monster and Jin. Started from Rap Monster, he said if his relationship with that BTS’ member has established long enough, that is since Rap Monster still being an underground rapper with name Raunch Randa. He found out Rap Monster and introduced to BigHit Entertainment producer's PDogg. So, Rap Monster being a BigHit Entertainment trainee and debut under team named BTS.

“If not for me, I don’t know he would be where he is now. I have a pride if I am the one who dig his potential,” said Sleepy jokingly.  

Meanwhile the relationship that established between Sleepy and Jin happened recently. They're appeared in same reality show called Law of The Jungle some time ago. Even though they are not filming together anymore, two of them still contact one another. Sleepy think if they are have a match personality, these two even often go eat together. [na]

source: @rosoidae