The 2020 Billboard Impact List: Awards to 22 Leaders Global Music Industry 2020

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The 2020 Billboard Impact List (via facebook)

Lee Soo Man from SM Entertainment has gained more than his achievements!

Thursday (1/23), Billboard's "2020 Impact List" agreed with producer Lee Soo Man as the only Korean leader chosen to be on the list. This list gives awards to 22 people who love the extraordinary future of the global music industry.

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On the list, Billboard shows Super M "being the first Korean action to debut the first album on the Billboard 200" while explaining that producer Lee Soo Man leads the music industry with a "cultural first, next economic relationship" for a partnership with Capital Music Group and Global Citizen. Previously, it was also announced that producer Lee Soo Man would be executive director for the Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream concert in Seoul next September.

This list also includes other leaders who lead the global music industry including AEG Presents COO Melissa Ormond, who arranges concerts for artists including Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, and many more, Sony Music Latin President Alex Garllardo, Head of TikTok's music partnership and operations in North America Corey Sheridan, international booking agent at Jon Ollier's Creative Artists Agency, and more.

Earlier on January 17, producer Lee Soo Man was also chosen by Variety as one of the 500 most successful global business leaders in the entertainment industry as part of the "Variety500" list

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