Sehun Wallpaper Desktop 2020: Sehun with Berluti Jacket

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Good looking and charismatic, EXO's Sehun outfit at the fashion show is still a hot conversation. The style of Sehun EXO while attending the fashion show was still a hot topic of discussion among Korean netizens. Recently, a fashion show in Paris from the "Berluti" brand called "Berluti Winter 2020 PFW Show". Although the event was held on January 17, Sehun's appearance while attending the fashion show was still widely discussed on the online community site. The “Berluti” jacket for 10.2 million won the sunglasses that Sehun needed were the main highlights. One of the stylists while uploading on his Instagram Story about Sehun's appearance, he translated, "Too handsome. Our meaning is to prepare happily, you are the best. The designer of this outfit is special for Sehun. Easy appearance is not a suit."

Through theqoo site, following netizens' responses:

1. Face and crazy face, he is handsome.

2. He's very handsome and I can't help laughing.

3. It's really crazy he wears sunglasses sunglasses.

4. His physique is very good in the photo where he stands on the stairs.

5. He has a really cool aura.

6. It's 10 million won?  No matter how many times I see him, he is handsome.

7. He is very handsome, really my type.

8. When you look at his eyes, nose and lips separately, he looks very handsome, but when you combine them, he looks cute. He is handsome.

9. How does it feel to live with a face / visual like that.
10. Personally he is the most handsome among idols.

source: panncafe
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