Produce X 101 Yu Tony Profile (Update 2019)

Have 185cm Height, Trainee Produce X 101 from China Is Now Popular.

Chinese Trainee Produce X 101 which has the real name Yu Tony is now popular in discussion forums.

Tony, who is a trainee from Hongyi Entertainment, was born in 2002 and now has a height of 185cm. He is good at playing the piano and has a good personality and easy laugh. Having mixed Chinese-Canadian blood, he is able to speak 4 languages. Tony also has a 'baby-face' face and sweet behavior. This invited many comments from netizens:

- Heol he's cute ~

- From today I will vote for him

- She's like a cute puppy ~

- 185cm tall with his face like that, he is a big baby.

- He is a type of puller for many booths. If only he gets a lot of screentime, he will be popular in an instant.

- When I saw this, I thought 'Is there someone like this there?' and that is Tony. He is 185cm tall, his head is very small and he has a 'happy' virus. His appearance was good, his Korean was rather awkward but he was only 18 years old and had a lot of potential.

- He better take off his glasses.

- If the Korean is fluent, he will debut.

and many other comments about Tony.

Meanwhile, in the first episode of Produce X 101, Tony won a position in the 55th rank.

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