Han Seo Hee Profile and Fact 2019 Accusing Jaejoong JYJ Spy on Himself

Back to Making Bragging, Han Seo Hee Accuses Jaejoong of JYJ of Spying on Himself.

Previously, Han Seo Hee revealed that he was a TVXQ fan. When asked who was his favorite member, he replied, "Jaejoong Hero."

Last year, Han Seo Hee shared stories of how he had met TVXQ around 2005. He had posted a photo with TVXQ via Instagram and was given a caption, "Finding memories when searching for my album. Yellow padding is Me. I'm a bbaek-nyuh."

Recently he continued to send spam to Kim Jaejoong's Instagram post. On the 7th, he posted several Instagram stories that said, "Are you spying on me? Why are you doing it? I'm sure you will spy on this too. Leave behind fandom."

Netizenbuzz comments:

1. [+1.209, -39] He who posted his story to be seen all over the world, why whine because someone watched it? For example, just make it personal if you don't want other people to see it.

2. [+922, -33] Well, does he see something he shouldn't have? Why did he say Jaejoong "spied on"

3. [+170, -7] Han Seohee keeps commenting on Kim Jaejoong's Instagram -> his comments are always on top because everyone likes them -> Kim Jaejoong might click wondering who he is ...

Why does he call Jaejoong "spying" like he is his ex-girlfriend or something ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Anyone can see the story as long as they click on his profile ... ㅋㅋㅋ but he made a big problem like he would come out of his fandom ㅋㅋㅋ As if Jaejoong cared if he left his fandom or not ...

4. [+99, -4] At first I thought of something about him, but he was really a psychopath

5. [+83, -3] I really hope he's been exiled from society ...

6. [+72, -0] ?? Isn't Jaejoong allowed to see? Doesn't he post stories to see people?

7. [+69, -0] He just wants to brag that Kim Jaejoong saw the story

8. [+51, -10] God is fair ... he gives him a beautiful face but his brain is empty

9. [+40, -0] I also don't care about him, but he keeps appearing on my exploration feed. Are people not allowed to see? Close your Instagram if you don't want people to spy on ㅡ ㅡ

10. [+35, -0] He basically boasted "Kim Jaejoong looks at my Instagram !! See how important I am !!" ㅋㅋㅋ

Naver Comments:

1. [+1,315, -29] ​​Why is he like this? He definitely needs attention ;;

2. [+564, -22] doesn't the Instagram story rotate everyone automatically? It seems like he made this disproportionate.

3. [+412, -5] He needs to take a drug test ..

4. [+106, -0] But he keeps commenting on all his Instagram, how interesting * tsk tsk

5. [+86, -0] Remember back when he continued to lie about hanging out with V BTS at the club and then putting his tail down as fans put it in place. This time, he continued to comment on Kim Jaejoong's Instagram and called himself a fan, causing his comments to go to the top of the comments section. I'm sure he was just curious and checked his profile but he really overreacted and called him like he was a stalker spying on him ㅋ

6. [+62, -0] I think Kim Jaejoong will be grateful if he leaves his fandom ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+47, -0] All men in the world will be called stalkers, if "spying" is considered to only see someone's public story

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Source: allkpop
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