Bad Rumors of Yoon Seo Bin Produce X 101 Ever Smoking Until Bullying, Is It Right?

MNET and JYP Respond to Bad Rumors Regarding Yoon Seobin's Trainees.

Yoon Seobin Produce X 101 trainee from JYP Entertainment stumbled with several rumors that happened in the past.

Some uploads from an account show that Yoon Seobin was seen smoking and drinking liquor when he was 15 years old. He is also rumored to have had a bullying case in the past. Regarding the report, Mnet confirmed to JYP and JYP would conduct a search on the truth of Yoon Seobin's behavior.

However, some fans are known to have first searched for the truth of the upload. According to the OP, Yoon Seobin's behavior in the past was untrue and the photo circulating was not Yoon Seobin.

Until this news was released, JYP Entertainment had not released an official statement regarding the case of Yoon Seobin trainees.

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source : mnet official
Trans & Written : Produce X 101 INA
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