[VICTON Profile and Facts 2019] Photo Proof VICTON Imitates BTS

Korean netizens recently suspected boy group VICTON had copied the concept of Bangtan Boys.

VICTON is a boy group made by Plan A Entertainment agency which made their debut in 2016.

Netizens on theqoo site then uploaded teaser photos of the boy group VICTON, which is considered to be similar to the concept of the Bangtan Boys teaser photo.

In the photos, VICTON members and Bangtan Boys were seen together taking a photo session on a wide green grass field.

Some similar photos show their poses when they are marching, running up to walking in sequence.


Even so, many of the Bangtan Boys fans claimed no problem with these similarities. Like some of their comments:

"As a Bangtan Boys fan, I hope VICTON can succeed. Don't use us to hate them, "

"It's been a long time since people tried to criticize Bangtan Boys fans for such similarities. Fans never really cared, but you made it controversial, "

"Yes, I'm a fan of Bangtan Boys. But I don't even care, I apologize to VICTON fans for this. I don't care about that, so just focus on each other's idols, "

"Yes it does look similar,"

"The color scheme is the same and to be honest, the concept of shooting is also very similar," and many other comments.

Check out the comparison of VICTON and Bangtan Boys teaser photos below!

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