[Soyeon GIDLE FACTS 2019] Soyeon G(I)-DLE His Hair Was Burned While Filming the MV Senorita

Soyeon G (I) -DLE Tells Her Hair to Burn When Shooting the 'Senorita' MV "

(G) I-DLE is currently busy promoting a comeback with the main song "Senorita". The girl group fronted by Yuqi CS recently conducted an interview with the radio program "Ji Suk Jin's 2 O'Clock Date".

"The music video 'Senorita' won 5 million viewers in 21 hours since it was released. You also won the Best Female Rookie award. It was amazingly strong," said Ji Suk Jin greeting (G) I-DLE.

"When we first received the Best Female Rookie award, we cried a lot. It was our dream to receive the Rookie award," Minnie answered. "I immediately told my parents when I received the award. They were very happy," continued Shuhua.

Ji Suk Jin then asks about the process of filming the "Senorita" MV. Jeon Soyeon immediately told me that her hair had caught fire and made her feel surprised because there were quite a lot of people who were hit by the fire.

"We had to use real fire in one scene and my hair was hit by fire while filming the scene. I thought it would be fine but I was quite surprised because my burning hair was more than I expected," Soyeon said.

"But it doesn't look burning now," interrupted Ji Suk Jin. "You can say that because I have cut down on the burning part," Soyeon continued.

After that, (G) I-DLE did not forget to bring the song "Senorita". Soyeon closed the interview that night, saying, "It's nice to be on this show for the second time. I hope you will continue to invite us in the future".

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