[Soobin TXT Facts 2019] Strange Habits, This Is Evidence of Similarities to Soobin TXT and Jin BTS

Soobin TXT Turns Out the Strange Habits of Jin BTS

TXT who is the new boy group Big Hit Entertainment released their debut MV titled "Crown" on Monday (4/3). The agency also began to share more detailed info on the five members of the Bangtan Boys' sister group.

Soobin who was appointed as the TXT leader successfully attracted the attention of netizens, especially BTS fans. It was revealed that Soobin idolized Jin as his favorite BTS member. The handsome idol turns out to have some resemblance to Jin.

Soobin and Jin are both the youngest children in their family. Their birthdays are also only one day later. Jin was born on December 4, 1992, while Soobin was born December 5, 2000.

Not only that, Soobin turned out to have a strange habit that was exactly the same as Jin's wink with unclear reasons. As is known, Jin often makes people surprised because suddenly winks. Kim Heechul was once a "victim" when the BTS appeared in "Knowing Bros."

Soobin had done it on HueningKai and the white-faced idol showed the same reaction as BTS members when being blinked at by Jin. Fans were looking forward to Soobin and Jin's interactions.

"His expression was shocked after giving a wink, hahaha, Kim Seokjin is that you? HueningKai is also very cute when reacting," commented the fan. "This made me remember when Jin winked at Heechul on 'Knowing Bros' for no reason and surprised him," added another fan. "I know, I immediately remembered Jin when I saw him," concluded another. 

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