Saesong Profile and Facts 2019 South Korean Youtuber has a similar voice Yeji ITZY

This South Korean Youtuber Has Yeji ITZY Similar Sounds

On February 15th, a YouTuber with the name Saesong uploaded an ITZY cover "DALLA DALLA", and received so much attention and praise. The cover video is watched from 1 million views in less than 15 days.

At the beginning of the video, YouTuber appears showing off long wavy hair and a beautiful face partially covered by the mic.

But the highlight of the video starts when he starts singing. He showed off his beautiful voice and even added a small dance movement from ITZY's choreography.

Apart from the fact that his voice was beautiful without flaws, his voice was like Yeji ITZY. Every time he arrived at Yeji's part, it sounded very synonymous with Yeji so that it almost made you wonder if he was playing ITZY recordings. And the way he pressed the high notes of the song proved his extraordinary vocal abilities.

Listen to the cover of Saesong ITZY "DALLA DALLA" below

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Source : Koreaboo
Written by ITZY Indonesia

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