[ITZY Facts 2019] Blood Type and ITZY Member Height

ITZY Talks About Eating Style, Pranks, Their Height And Many Others On Their Live V Broadcasts

On February 25, ITZY held their first V Live broadcast.

The members began by thanking them for their three victories at the music program last week. They promised to work very hard, thanked fans for supporting them, and shared that it was still difficult for them to believe.

ITZY continues the show by discussing the ideas they have for V Live broadcasts in the future. They shared that they all wanted to do mukbang (meal broadcasts), while Yuna revealed that she wanted to cook for live broadcasts. "I am not good at it, but I enjoy cooking. He shares his favorite recipes spreading strawberry jam and peanut butter on toast and then putting scrambled eggs on it.
Chaeryeong watched the ASMR video for about two hours before she slept, so she wanted to try the ASMR broadcast herself. yuna likes makeup and wants to make makeup tutorials.

Lia wants to share her playlist with fans, while Yeji wants to dance with members through her V live broadcast. Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna also want to broadcast V Live on their way to school.

When a fan suggests a joke idea, the members reveal that they like jokes and that some members are good at acting. Ryujin recalls that Lia was crying because of a joke they made once, and Lia explained, "One day, [another member] pretended to be fighting. I was very surprised. "

They also revealed that they had never really fought. Lia said, "We can't fight or we will all cry," and Ryujin added, "We all have peaceful personalities."

Because they are still rookie and not many know about them, ITZY members answer fan questions and reveal information about themselves. In their blood type, they share that Yeji and Yuna are A, Ryujin and Chaeryeong are B, and Lia is AB.

They also revealed the truth behind their order of height, which has been debated among fans. Yuna is the highest, followed by Yeji, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, and then Lia. Because many fans think that Ryujin is the shortest, Lia clarified, "I am actually the shortest."

The members also took the time to explain their eating habits. Yeji likes to eat snacks all day, while Lia eats very slowly and enjoys every bite carefully. Ryujin eats very fast, and Yuna likes to eat everything and a lot. chaeryeong is fond of eating healthy foods and enjoying foods such as corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts.

In their dormitory, Yeji and Ryujin are roommates, Lia and Yuna are roommates, and Chaeryeong uses her own room. this arrangement was decided to use the game "ghost legs", which is a method used to make random pairs. Chaeryeong shared how to use her own room, "I am very happy that I almost cried."

They all really like to sleep, but Lia is the one who sleeps the most soundly. the other member woke up because of the alarm, and he didn't pay attention even if someone carried him while he slept

ITZY also comes with special signatures that can be used by members and fans so that they can see each other in large crowds and communicate secretly. after much discussion, the members decided to make a "V" symbol and then bend the finger up and down.

Lia commented in English towards the end of the broadcast, "For all fans around the world, thank you very much for being with us on our first Live V. I really appreciate it, and we hope we get more opportunities for the V Live with you. We love you! " 

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