[Facts of Girl Group NATURE 2019] Fart during Live Broadcast, Girl Group NATURE Viral in Korea

Fart during Live Broadcast, Direct Viral NATURE Girl Group in Korea.

A funny and embarrassing event recently happened to one of the K-pop girl group, NATURE.

On February 21, NATURE members held a live broadcast via the V Live platform to celebrate the birthday of one of its members, Haru.

But when they were about to close the live broadcast, suddenly a farting sound was so loud.

Realizing one of his members was farting, NATURE members were immediately shocked and unable to hold back their laughter.

Haru could not continue his speech and laughed out loud with other members.

The incident immediately made the name NATURE a hot conversation among South Korean netizens. The video of the NATURE member 'fart incident' is spread on various forums and social media including Youtube.

One of their videos on Youtube has now been watched more than 100,000 times. The video was also flooded with comments from Korean netizens who felt that the incident was so cute and natural.

Some comments by Korean netizens:

"Look at their reactions, hahaha,"

"Yes, that is indeed a natural nature as a human. It really matches the name, hahaha, "

"Really cute, hahaha,"

"You can immediately know who the culprit is, hahaha," and many other positive comments.

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