Complete Story and Struggle of BTS Members Before Debut (Still Practicing Trainee) at the Restaurant

A restaurant owner, who used to eat at this restaurant, tells about members when they eat at his restaurant.

Q: We hear BTS members come to this restaurant every day when they are trainees. Tell me about your memory?

A: "They are very smart, polite, friendly, and polite. They are only knowledgeable. Not many people their age. Every time we meet they greet and I think there is something different about them.

"Their success is not only luck, but thanks to their efforts. They really bleed and flood them in their work. Sometimes I feel as their parents. When they train very hard, they will ride from the studio downstairs with a shirt and their sweat hair. They will practice every day from morning to 10 pm, sometimes they only practice all night, they work hard.

"Now that they reach the top, I think BTS members often remember the past. It's very rare for people of their age to work that hard. Most people want to play, hang out with friends. It's not easy to give up everything and focus on one thing. because this is the result of their hard work, this is 100 times better. "

Q: If they come here every day, the food must be good. Do they eat the same dish?

A: "They eat the same food. They like bibimbap, which comes with rice mixed with pork. It becomes" Bangtan Bibimbap "later. For about 2 1/2 years, they come to eat here. At first, they eat two up to three bowls of rice before their agent told them to go on a diet, Yoongi, who usually ate chicken breast, milk and bananas, all mixed (shaken).

Sometimes I give them to eat their favorite food secretly, and I remember telling them that they have to eat well to work. And they won't get heavier because they move a lot. "

Q: Who has the most Aegyo?

A: "Even though I want to say other members also have aegyo, but I would say Jimin"

Q: Have they ever asked for your advice?

A: Sometimes they will share. I believe they have a fair struggle but they always manage to talk about it among themselves, never argue. Namjoon never hung up when he ate to get better - learning about the appearance of other artists - and I think he has the potential to be a leader, which indeed came true.

"Yoongi (Suga) is very good. They all fulfill their own roles. When I see them hugging and crying on stage after the concert, I remember when they did the same thing as trainees, hugging and looking after each other. Very touching. "

Restaurant Owner

Q: Do you still follow BTS?

A: "Yes. ARMY sent me items, especially when BTS held concerts. ARMY is a good person. I think like BTS, their fans are also good. From teens to 80s, people from all age groups told me that they get energy from BTS Music, you will often talk to people who often come to restaurants.

"Some fans had difficulty with their marriage. They said that every BTS song lyrics touched their hearts continuously, which made them realize that something was wrong (in their lives). And from there some people told me that they could start from start and start a new life.

"When you leave your job, you can feel depressed. And some people lead new lives thanks to BTS. I find it very interesting that how many fans, with their own stories, managed to get motivation from BTS music and start again."

T: "Do you hear BTS music?"

A: "I like the best" Blood Sweat & Tears. "The lyrics touched my heart and I'm sure it also touched their hearts. When the restaurant was quiet, I felt they could open the door, shout" Imo (aunt), we are hungry. "

On the day they debuted, they came here to eat and take photos, which were published in the media. I'm just grateful that our restaurant is known to them. I am only a restaurant owner. I don't know whether it's because of a thank you or not, but they told many people about us because we got a lot of customers (ARMY). Most of the customers here who come after lunch are ARMY "

Q: When was the last time you saw them?

A: "I have never seen them since around July two years ago (2017) when Seokjin arrived

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