4 Names of Korean Artists and Kpop Female Idols Born in 2003 and 2004 Visual Stunning

This is a list of 4 2003-2004-born girl group members who have stunning visuals.

The four rookie girl group members who were born in 2003 and 2004 have a prominent visual despite their very young age. The four have not only a charming face but also a perfect proportion of body.

1. Jang Wonyoung IZ*ONE

Produce48 trainees who made it to number 1 of their debut line-up were born in 2004. Wonyoung measures his height on a broadcast program and he has 169.2 cm height.

2. Ahn Yujin IZ*ONE

The second member is Yujin. This IZ * ONE lead vocal and lead dancer has a height of 168.6 cm and with an amazingly beautiful body proportion.

3. Yuna ITZY

The next member who just made his debut with the song 'Dalla Dalla' was also born in 2003. Yuna has 170cm height and many media, many of which have called it a model-like aura.

4. Jiheon fromis_9

The meaning of the Idol School girl group is the last of four visually stunning idols, also born in 2003. Jiheon is known as 165cm tall and her super long legs make her look taller. Although the youngest member, Jiheon entered the ranks of the highest members in fromis_9 with Gyuri and Chaeyoung.

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