GFRIEND 2018 Concert in the Manila Philippines Postponed

GFRIEND has announced that their concert in Manila, Philippines will be postponed.

Their agency Source Music released an official statement on August 18 that told fans about the delay. It reads, "The '2018 Season GFRIEND in Manila' concert scheduled for August 19 must be postponed due to an incident that occurred at Ninoy Aquino International Airport where a plane slipped off the runway.

"Because of the incident, all flights that will come and depart from Ninoy Aquino International Airport have been canceled or postponed, so we have to postpone the unfortunate decision.

"We want to apologize to all Buddy, especially our Buddy from the Philippines, who have been waiting for this concert. The new date for the concert is August 26 at 7pm. (local time) at the KIA Theater. Thank you."

On August 16, a Xiamen Airlines plane slipped off the runway at Ninoy Aquino International Airport after trying to land in bad weather. Luckily, there were no serious injuries. Flights to and from the airport are canceled or postponed after the incident.

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Source : Soompi
Trans by : Pink
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