Wanna One Successfully Enter TOP100 Album on ITunes US!

Yesterday, November 13th Wanna One has just released a repackaged album titled "1-1 = 0 Nothing Without You".

Once released, Wannaone directly managed to occupy the top 100 ranking in the US album itunes precisely at the 88th position. Not only that, Wanna One is also known to be ranked 1 in various other charts.

Congratulations to Wanna One!

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Wanna One Berhasil Masuk TOP100 Album di ITunes US!

Kemarin, 13 November Wanna One baru saja merilis album repackaged bertajuk "1-1 =0 Nothing Without You".

Setelah dirilis, wannaone langsung berhasil menduduki peringkat top 100 di itunes album US tepatnya pada posisi ke-88. Tak hanya itu, Wanna One juga diketahui berhasil menduduki peringkat 1 di berbagai tangga lagu lainnya.

Selamat untuk Wanna One!

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Written by wannaone 101 nation