Solji EXID Ideal Boyfriend Type (Update 2019)

Solji (EXID) reveals her unique ideal boyfriend type.

Solji EXID reveals his ideal type.

Solji EXID talks about his ideal type in the latest episode of "Love Me Actually".

In the latest episode of MBC romance's variety show, Solji appears as a guest and shares his thoughts about love.

When asked about his ideal type, he replied, "I dream of dating a cold man, but only sweet to me. I don't like someone treating everyone as well. I want him to be nice to me, but he may be bad to other women. "

Sung Si Kyung joked, "What about a man who asks, 'Honey, have you eaten?' To his girlfriend and say 'Go' to another woman? " Solji replied, "It's actually better than being nice to everyone," adding that he likes men like "Jekyll and Hyde".

Source: soompi

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