[NCT Jeno Profile and Facts 2019] Jeno NCT Idol Male Perfect Visual Future SM Entertainment!

The Visual Is Almost Perfect, Netizens Call This Male Idol The Future Of SM Entertainment!

Another NCT member who has recently become a topic of discussion by South Korean netizens, this time it was Jeno's turn because of his "dreamy visual".

Through the intiz site, a netizen said there was one member of NCT Dream which was often referred to as "The Future of SM" and that person was Jeno! The OP shared various gifs and photos of the 2000 born idol and wrote, "NCT Dream has a rapid development. SM has a very bright future ahead of them ... "

So, how do other netizens respond? Most netizens agree with the OP post that Jeno is indeed the future of SM, not a few who did not expect Jeno to be 20 years old (according to Korean age calculations). Here are some netizen comments:

1. Dream is the future ...

2. If Jeno is the future it means Jaehyun is now ...

3. Lee Jeno .. Even his name sounds perfect ..

4. Chen and Jonghyun once called it the future of SM too ...

5. Jeno Oppa .. Every handsome guy is Oppa no matter what ..

6. He reminds me of Amber ...

7. They debuted at a very young age ... But that won't stop me from calling them Oppa ㅎㅎ I love them ..

8. Dream is the future. Protect Huang Renjun by all means ...

9. Age is not a problem in love ..

10. D-twenty ..? Who is already twenty .. ?? 20-year-old Dream member ?? I think they're 17 ... ??? 20 ... ?? What. Wait a minute..?? Are you 20 years old ?? You turned into adults ... ?? Why..?

11. Not only the future of SM, Jeno is also my future ...

What do you think?

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