Hwang Yeji Becomes ITZY Leader! This is the Position of ITZY Members as a Group

The rookie girl group from JYP Entertainment, today (12/2) successfully held their first debut showcase!

On Monday (11/2), this group of 5 beautiful members officially debuted through a single titled 'DALLA DALLA'. They even broke the latest record of being the fastest and most rookie girl group to reach the number of viewers on YouTube beating its predecessor.

And today, they officially announce their position within the group. Hwang Yeji will act as a leader in the group as well as lead vocals, dance and rapper.

Choi Jisu or who has a stage name Lia will act as a play vocal in the group. Shin Ryujin will be a center and also play rapper and dancer. While Lee Chaeryeong will act as lead vocalist, rapper, and dancer. And the position of the maknae, vocal, rapper and visual will be filled by Shin Yuna.

What do you think?

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Written by CoppaMagz
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