[Facts of Siyeon Dreamcatcher 2019] Siyeon is a bully at school? This is Happy Face Entertainment's Official Statement

On February 7, Happy Face Entertainment released an official statement to refute online rumors about Dream Catchermember Siyeon.

Following is the label statement:

"Hello. This is Happy Face Entertainment.

First, we apologize for causing concern during this happy Lunar New Year holiday, due to rumors of Dream Catcher, Siyeon.

We want to clarify that rumors that are spreading claiming that Siyeon is a bully at school is wrong.

After confirming the facts, we have learned that Siyeon actually went to the same school as netizens who claimed that he was a 'victim'; However, Siyeon has no relationship whatsoever with the victim.

Happy Face Entertainment promises that we will work with the investigation team to verify the truth of this lie by the clerk. We will respond mercilessly to the crimes committed against our artists. We will do our best so that we can respond to the spread of malicious rumors and defamation of our artist's character with strict legal actions, in addition to ensuring that such events do not occur again in the future.

Again, we regret delivering unpleasant news during this pleasant holiday. "

Meanwhile, Dream Catcher is planning a comeback with their 4th mini album 'The End of Nightmare' on February 13th.

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written by koreanID
Source: allkpop
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