[Profile and Fact Actor Yoon Shi Yoon 2018 #1] Release Channel Account V Live

Channel which he opened today (15/3), he released some behind-the-scenes footage from his new drama 'Daegoon'. Si Yoon greets his fans by saying that he wants to communicate with many fans, fans from Korea and from the international through the channel.

Ready to wait for Yoon Si Yoon's next excrement?

Translate Bahasa Indonesia :

Channel yang dibukanya pada hari ini (15/3), dia merilis beberapa cuplikan di balik layar dari drama barunya yang berjudul 'Daegoon'. Si Yoon menyapa para penggemarnya dengan mengatakan bahwa dia ingin berkomunikasi dengan banyak penggemar, para penggemar daei Korea maupun dari internasional melalui channelnya tersebut.

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