Block B Releases Teaser Photos Taeil, B-Bomb and Zico for 'MONTAGE'

Block B has released their next teaser photo of their sixth mini-album.

This sixth mini album will be titled 'MONTAGE' with the title track 'Shall We Dance'. The song is composed by Zico and Poptime, as well as the lyrics written by Zico and Park Kyung.

Including title tracks, there are 5 tracks in this album, 'My Zone', 'It's One Sided', 'Like This' sung by vocal unit, and mGive & Take' which is a B-Bomb solo track.

'MONTAGE' will be released on 7th of November!

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Block B telah merilis foto teaser selanjutnya mini album keenam mereka.

Mini album keenam ini akan berjudul 'MONTAGE' dengan title track 'Shall We Dance'. Lagu ini dikomposisi oleh Zico dan Poptime, serta liriknya ditulis Zico dan Park Kyung.

Termasuk title track, ada 5 lagu dalam album ini, yaitu 'My Zone', 'It's One Sided', 'Like This' yang dinyanyikan unit vokal, dan mGive & Take' yang merupakan lagu solo B-Bomb.

'MONTAGE' akan dirilis pada 7 November mendatang!

written by koreanID
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